3eshopping start 0 Service fee
Please be assured that the orders to 3eshopping, we will be free of your purchase orders, weighing, warehousing and packaging.
In addition, 3eshopping will provide you with more personalized special services, such as: physical examination, photographs, reinforced packaging.

Physical examination: commodity fee * 10%

Real photographs: 3 yuan (including three real photos)

NOTE: 3eshopping every piece of merchandise will be based testing. If you have a later inspection requirements for an item, select the above special services!

Shopping Service (free)

Customers who bought the site by 3eshopping needed commodity, staff 3eshopping of your purchase orders, weighing, (Inspection, pictures), warehousing, packaging, transportation.

Purchasing services: Goods cost + international transport costs + customs fees


Transport service (free of charge)

By the customer to buy the necessary goods in China (or by a family friend to the goods you need), sent to 3eshopping of China warehouse. Staff 3eshopping of your parcels weighing, warehousing, packaging, transportation and other services

International transport: International shipping + customs fees


3eshopping save you the cost of:

1, select quality and cheap Chinese goods, enjoy far lower than local prices;

2, multi-focused packaged items, saving international shipping;
3, freight enjoy low discount, the price is far lower than the post office counter;


Two payments:

1. Down payment: pay for goods and domestic courier fee when purchasing.

2, balance due: After purchasing Chinese goods reach the author pay international freight transport and customs charges when packing. (Which depends on international shipping package weight, shipping method selected by the consignee region)

3, the international transfer orders only pay international freight