Parcel Receipt Note

Parcel Receipt Note

Parcel Return:

If your package due to the "national security failure" package is back, we will contact you to confirm again, free for you to send

If your package has been sent to foreign countries, as "international security unqualified", "no sign", "address unknown", "not Tuotou" and other reasons was returned and re-send shipping need at your own risk


Items confiscated:

We have the material goods, category do the audit, but were unable to identify the goods do genuine and fake cards, related to intellectual property rights, all foreign brands, imitation brand, A cargo and other goods we can not help you buy, is not responsible for overseas customs clearance, if your merchandise is determined customs imitation brand, fake, causing sensitive items confiscated parcels, you need your own risk.

Another: When submitting such transport of goods international waybill, please choose carefully transport.

Notice :
1, first check the goods before you sign the packaging is intact, the box seal is intact, if there are significant differences in weight
2, regardless of whether there is visible damage or packaging found torn at the scene, before you sign should be in front of courier inspection, and make the consignment notes further sign
3, found goods damaged, lost, etc. ready goods invoices, real photos and other information, notify our customer service staff to arrange follow-up to reparations
4, the sign marking the end of the normal transit of goods throughout any normal situation after receipt of the goods, we will not be liable

5, after receipt of the parcel, if you have any questions, please within 72 hours of receipt to the customer feedback, limit no longer accepted



1, fragile goods, consumable goods, the choice of whether to strengthen the package, only involved in loss claims, is not involved in damage claims
2, dangerous goods and contraband do not participate in the claims (Example: compressed gases, liquefied gases, flammable liquids, corrosive substances and other countries pH contraband)
Loss or expense 3, natural wear and tear of the goods, the nature of the defect, features and price rises caused by falling etc.
4, all the goods in transit due to inclement weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters caused by natural disasters or partial loss
5, due to the clearance of goods caused by aging over the shelf life of the warranty period through force majeure, freight cycle