Shipping Limit

By 3eshopping mailing mailed goods must comply with national and local laws and regulations parcel receiving country.

People's Republic of China to limit outward articles


1 precious metals, gold and silver, etc and their products;
2, the national currency;
3, foreign currency and securities;
4, a radio transceiver, communications security machines;
5, precious Chinese herbal medicines;
6, general heritage;

7, customs restrictions other items out of the country.


According to national customs policy differences, some countries or regions for specific commodities are more sensitive to the larger difficulty of mailing and customs clearance, which we call "sensitive products."

Including and not limited to the following items:

Food: all kinds of food (involving the inspection and quarantine issues)

Electronics: Electronic products (including battery), pure battery, mobile power

Apparel categories: international brands

Other: liquid, powder, compressed gas, gold and silver jewelry

United Kingdom

More sensitive to import beef, suitable for mailing