Goods Storage

3eshopping warehouse goods can be stored for how long?

First, purchasing, transport normal parcel shelf life of 180 days (about six months), since the order status "storage" counted, more than 150 days will send e-mail users to submit tips parcel waybill, not yet submitted over 180 days package waybill or do anything visual feedback will give up goods, we will be unified to destroy any expired merchandise.


Second, the exception package (that is, first sign for the package did not submit orders or complementary logistics information case) for a period of 60 days from the order status "receipt" Start computing, since such parcels unable to match orders and related user, so it is Unable to make a reminder, extended 3eshopping custody will be considered abandoned and destroyed.


Related Conditions:

1, in the custody period by the 3eshopping responsible for safekeeping of goods and responsible, but not in the custody of the shelf life of goods within the range (for example: perishable goods shelf life of only one month).

2, destruction of goods no longer do any tips and advise.


In order to avoid the destruction of goods, you are requested to keep the timely submission of the parcel waybill within the validity period, thank you for your cooperation and understanding!