Complaint & Return

3eshopping committed to eliminating all your worries international online shopping.

In order to ensure your shopping convenience and security, you appropriate standards in each process 3eshopping shopping there, including the return and replacement of goods.

A.3eshopping commitments under the trade orders from a single (actual payment date, non-AWB) 7 days can handle your return. Conditions were as follows:

1) inspection serious quality problems of goods
2) inspection found damage occurred logistics delivery commodity
3) personal reasons to return, unused, open the packaging, does not affect the secondary sales of goods
4) inspection found that does not match the description of goods and orders for goods
The above conditions, after verifying the case, you can apply to return. Please contact customer service application returned.


B. When abroad need to be returned within seven days of receipt, you will need to return the goods in accordance with the specified return address. Return freight requirements are as follows:
1) there are serious quality problems occur in the logistics center and damaged goods, should send the selected guarantee direct compensation, not returned.
2) personal reasons returned, and does not affect the secondary sales of goods, when returned, requiring users to pay round-trip freight.
3) To return 3eshopping net merchandise, please contact customer service after giving informed merchandise parcel number.


C. confirmed that there is a problem in goods, in line with the conditions of the seller returned goods, 3eshopping network will handle your in five working days after receipt of a refund or replacement. Funds will be returned to your website account, you can apply for a refund the original rechargeable path. Because of different bank transfer date, subject to your actual arrival time.


D. The following conditions are not within the scope of the return:
1) affect the secondary sales of goods
3eshopping network Acting goods are genuine goods, in order to protect the interests of consumers, if the returned merchandise and accessories, goods brand, sales invoices, gifts, packaging missing, or other circumstances arise of secondary sales, we will not accept returns. The following cases deemed to affect the secondary sales
. a luxury, high-value goods Original Seals shift, torn, or damaged seal;
. b cell phones, cameras, laptops original packaging open or install the battery start-up;
. c sealed original packaging to open;
. d watch strap adjusted;
. e food, flowers, green plants, cosmetics, underwear, underwear, as well as special commodities 3eshopping specified upon receipt, usually if no quality problems do not accept returns, please note View seller legend purchase;
. f merchandise through wear, washing, defaced, damaged, etc;
. g normal wear and tear of goods;
h. As the purchased goods with a pack (such as a shoebox), do not taping or pasted directly express a single carton when you return the goods, or can not return (foreign goods in transit due to the squeeze, caused by turbulence box breakage is not).
i. On the page marked "limited edition designer merchandise, such as quality problems, will not be returned" goods.
2) Due to take pictures of light color for professional photography lights, and the computer screen may have with the physical differences, so physical and pictures have color, a normal phenomenon, not as a reason to return.
3) over (the date of receipt within 7 days), it is considered the transaction has been completed, the deadline will not be returned after the application deadline specified return processing.
4) Return of goods (including gifts) original packaging, original accessories is not complete.
5) due to negligence or improper use caused damage to merchandise not returned.